Shopkeeper empowers agencies and advisors to align with their Amazon Seller clients


Shopkeeper’s agency tools enable secure, role-based  sharing of our insights and intelligence

We're here to help Amazon Sellers and their agencies and advisors to achieve success!

Is the Shopkeeper Partner Program for you?

ShopKeeper will be a fit for you if your business services B2B Amazon Sellers of all sizes.

You provide at least one of the following services for your clients:  Performance Marketing, Accounting, Sales Consulting, and Systems Integrations.

You and your Amazon Seller clients share critical performance data in order for you to add value to their businesses.

How do we help YOUR business?

Reduce the time-to-value for your clients. Shopkeeper partners help their Amazon Seller clients by surfacing and acting on real-time insights. We help you look good to your clients!

Grow the Lifetime Value of your clients. Shopkeeper  partners who help their clients using our business intelligence tools are seeing their clients spend more money with their business and stay longer!

Tie your business to tangible results like leads captured, meetings booked, pipeline created, and revenue generated – instead of tasks.

What does it cost to join the Shopkeeper Partner Program as an agency or other third-party?

Nothing! Joining the platform is 100% FREE. We don’t charge you any partner or training fees.